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In a move that signifies a major shift in urban planning and development strategy, the City of Delaware’s Planning and Community Development Department is set to propose a comprehensive update to its Zoning Code at a City Council meeting slated for late February. This first round of proposed changes aims at modernizing and streamlining the city’s approach to development, reflecting a proactive stance in accommodating growth while maintaining the unique character of the community.

The proposed amendments are designed to overhaul the existing procedures for platting and development, promising a more effective and efficient process that caters to the needs of developers and the community alike. At the heart of these changes is the introduction of a new zoning district, the Planned Unit Development (PUD), which is poised to replace the current use of five distinct overlay districts. This shift is expected to offer a more flexible framework for development, enabling a mix of uses that can adapt to changing market and community needs.

Enhancing Public Participation and Oversight

A key aspect of the proposed changes is the increase in the number of public hearings required for each development. This move aims to enhance transparency and ensure that community voices are heard and considered in the development process. By involving the community more directly in decision-making, the city hopes to foster a more inclusive approach to urban development.

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) Approach

The introduction of the PUD zoning district represents a significant evolution in zoning strategy. Unlike traditional zoning, which often segregates land uses, the PUD allows for a more integrated approach, combining residential, commercial, and recreational uses within a single development project. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in creating vibrant, mixed-use communities that cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

Inviting Community Feedback

As the City of Delaware gears up for this crucial update, it extends an invitation to residents, developers, and stakeholders to engage in the process. A formal notice of public hearing will be issued, providing an opportunity for public scrutiny and input. The Planning and Community Development Department encourages feedback, questions, and concerns, which can be directed to [email protected]. Participation from the community is essential in shaping a Zoning Code that reflects the collective vision and aspirations of Delaware’s residents.

The updates may be viewed here:

Zoning Code Draft Update (Clean Version)

Zoning Code Draft Update (Markup Version)

For more details on the proposed changes, please reach out to the Planning and Community Development Department. Your input is valuable in ensuring that the revised Zoning Code meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Image by Ricarda Mölck from Pixabay

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