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In the heart of Historic Dublin, a groundbreaking project is taking shape.

COhatch, a burgeoning coworking and community space provider with venues in both Delaware and Polaris, is developing Riverview Village—a unique blend of workspaces, eateries, and event venues that promises to be a hub for innovation and community engagement. This ambitious project is not just another coworking space; it’s a reimagining of the modern-day village, set against the scenic backdrop of the Scioto River and the Dublin Link pedestrian bridge.

COhatch CEO Matt Davis is thrilled about the venture, stating, “We can reinvent the modern-day village on the Scioto riverbank in the heart of Dublin. Mixing innovation and history. Creating a destination for any business owner who wants to grow and thrive.” The project aims to be a legacy for COhatch, serving as its permanent home and a vibrant destination for the community.

A Collaborative Endeavor

The City of Dublin is equally enthusiastic about this partnership. Dublin City Manager Megan O’Callaghan sees it as an opportunity to bring innovators, creators, new businesses, and public experiences to the city in a way that celebrates Dublin’s vibrant history and promising future. “Our vision of being the most connected city is supported by bringing people together in meaningful and collaborative ways,” she says.

The collaboration between COhatch and the City of Dublin goes beyond mere words. They have integrated Dublin’s strategic innovation into the Riverview Village concept, creating opportunities for economic incentives to be passed onto its members. One such initiative is the connection to Dublin’s Dublink 100-gig fiber network, which will be available throughout Riverview Village.

A Haven for Entrepreneurs

Matt Davis elaborates on the economic incentives, “Dublin is very strategic and forward-thinking. Together, we have created an umbrella economic incentive for thousands of businesses to locate in Riverview Village. These incentives will be available for even the smallest companies, so they can participate to further stimulate incubation and innovation.”

COhatch is also committed to giving back to the community. They plan to provide over $200,000 per year in scholarships to non-profits, startups, makers, artists, and other small businesses residing in Riverview Village. This initiative aims to help these entrepreneurs get started, grow, and thrive.

Preserving the Past, Building the Future

The project will be a mixed-use, walkable development sitting on a 2.85-acre site directly behind the company’s Dublin location. It will feature four restorations of historic homes, in addition to three new buildings. Joel Limes, Co-Chief Brand Officer at COhatch, emphasizes the importance of preserving the historic houses and maintaining the charm of Historic Dublin. “There is something special about being able to create an integrated experience of many structures, some new and some old, that will inspire, energize, and connect the public for many years to come,” he says.

The pathways and gardens between the houses will lend a quaint feeling, reminiscent of the neighborhoods and communities of old. Elisabeth Limes, Co-Chief Brand Officer, COhatch, adds, “When the evening falls, these historically renovated pathways and streets will be lit with streetlights creating a serene ambiance for events, family get-togethers, fundraisers, and more.”

Riverview Village is more than just a coworking space; it’s a vision for the future, deeply rooted in the past. With its unique blend of workspaces, eateries, and community spaces, it promises to be a vibrant hub for innovation and community engagement. Construction is set to begin in late 2024, but the excitement is already palpable. For those interested in becoming a part of this revolutionary project, you can reach out at (614) 324-9232 or visit their Dublin location at 25 North St.

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Source, Photo: City of Dublin

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