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The Delaware Public Health District has “put it out there” in sharing its recently released 2023 Annual Report.

The Report sheds light on the DPHD’s ongoing commitments to promoting the health and well-being of the local community. The report, infused with the organization’s renewed mission and vision, details their fiscal allocations, community engagement, and impactful health initiatives.

The Numbers Behind Public Health Priorities

The district proudly displays a revenue stream where a majority, specifically 62.83%, is directly funneled into community health initiatives. A detailed breakdown of their expenses reveals a strategic investment in environmental health (18.35%) and preventive health (20.65%), ensuring a proactive approach to community wellness.

A Year of Community Presence and Prevention

The report boasts 101 community events participation, alongside 121 vaccine clinics—a clear indicator of the district’s omnipresence and active preventive measures. This active engagement is further emphasized by the district’s attendance at 61 city, township, and village meetings, reinforcing its roots in local governance and public discourse.

Statistically Speaking: Community Health Services

  • Community Certifications: The district’s efficiency is underscored with 2,250 birth certificates and 305 death certificates processed, providing essential services to families.
  • Safety and Prevention: Vigilance in child safety is shown with 409 car seat inspections, coupled with a proactive response to substance abuse through training 348 individuals in the use of naloxone.
  • Food and Environmental Health: Public safety is echoed in their environmental efforts, with a substantial 1,427 food service inspections and 73 public pool inspections ensuring high standards of public hygiene.
  • Vector Control: A remarkable number of 19,334 mosquitoes were trapped, mitigating the risks associated with vector-borne diseases.
  • Residential Services & Plumbing: A remarkable 1,940 sewage inspections; 19 solid waste facility inspections; and 7,678 plumbing inspections were undertaken.

Preventative Health: A Pillar of Public Safety

Preventive healthcare initiatives have been notably rigorous, with the report detailing 1,071 flu immunizations and 5,822 total immunizations, showcasing the district’s commitment to disease prevention. The fight against communicable diseases is further supported by their 5,262 disease and 13 outbreak investigations, ensuring community safety.

Focus on Women, Infants, and Children

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program witnessed 4,151 total visits, underpinning the district’s focus on nurturing healthy beginnings. This includes monitoring and support in breastfeeding efforts and childhood nutrition, vital to the developmental needs of the community’s youngest members.

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