Nestled in the center of the county, Gallant Farm stands as a remarkable beacon of the area’s rich farming legacy. This true-to-life re-creation of a 1930s homestead, a gem within the Preservation Parks of Delaware County, offers guests the chance to journey back to a bygone era that has profoundly influenced our current was of life.

Acquired in 2003 with funds from the CleanOhio Fund grant, Gallant Farm officially welcomed visitors for the first time in 2012. The farm’s mission is to conserve the natural and historical aspects of Delaware County. Over time, it has emerged as a precious resource for locals and tourists alike who are keen on understanding the past, while also basking in the serenity of rural landscapes.

The 1930s theme of the farm is more than just a superficial feature. It’s deeply woven into the fabric of the entire visitor experience. The farm’s programs are crafted to be fully immersive, catapulting guests back to a simpler time. Here, you can pick up skills such as preserving garden produce, creating homemade sausages, readying the garden for sowing, or utilizing the wood stove to whip up hearty soups and pies — among a host of other activities. A visit to Gallant Farm is not just a step onto a farm; it’s a voyage into the self-reliant and ingenious spirit of our ancestors.

Located at 2150 Buttermilk Hill Road in Delaware, Gallant Farm’s position is strategic, close to a number of other Preservation Parks, including Gallant Woods Park, Deer Haven Park, and Hickory Woods Park. It forms the perfect getaway for a day trip, offering an ideal mix of learning and outdoor fun.

In a wider perspective, Gallant Farm is a part of the dynamic network of Preservation Parks in Delaware County, aimed at endorsing an active and outdoor-oriented lifestyle. The Preservation Parks are considered crucial for maintaining mental and physical health throughout the year. They promote outdoor pursuits and programs, such as the Winter 100 program, which motivates participants to walk 100 miles.

To sum up, a visit to Gallant Farm provides a unique chance to forge a connection with history, acquire useful skills, and take pleasure in the gorgeous natural scenery of Delaware County. Regardless of whether you’re a history aficionado, a lover of nature, or just someone seeking an enjoyable and informative day out, Gallant Farm is a destination that should not be missed.

More information on Gallant Farm and activities there can be found here.

Source: Preservation Parks; Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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