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It has been a year unlike any other in most people’s lifetimes, one dominated by a single situation. Even the civil unrest and dynamic presidential election were dwarfed by the enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When 2020 began, phrases like “social distancing” were not used in everyday conversation. Taking a look at a single weekend — in this case, the last weekend of the year — shows just what a different world it is, including here in central Ohio.

Consider these statistics shared by the Delaware Public Health District on Friday, just before the weekend began:

  • Laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases — 7,113
  • Probable cases — 1,530
  • Total cases — 8,643
  • Recovered cases — 6,997 (after clearance from isolation)
  • Age range of cases — <1 to 90 plus years with a median age of 40
  • Sex breakdown — 48% male, 52% female
  • Percentage of cases which are:
    • Health care workers — 3.4%
    • First responders — 0.5%
    • K-12 students or staff — 10.6%
    • Have pre-existing conditions — 34.39%
    • Have no observable symptoms — 12%
  • Current hospitalizations — 40
  • Total hospitalizations — 164
  • Deaths — 53, Median age of 82

Again, that was Friday. On Monday, these were the new numbers shared by the District, showing the continue spread of the virus:

  • Laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases — 7,685 (increase of 572)
  • Probable cases — 1,708 (increase of 178)
  • Total cases — 9,393 (increase of 750)
  • Recovered cases — 6,997 (increase of 325)
  • In isolation/quarantine — 2,876
  • Completed isolation/quarantine — 13,937
  • Current hospitalizations — 41 (increase of 1)]
  • Total hospitalizations — 166 (increase of 2)
  • Deaths — 58 (increase of 5)

The Delaware Public Health District posts current COVID-19 numbers at approximately 2:00 PM each weekday on Twitter. You can find them here.

1808Delaware will have an update on pandemic numbers later this week, including the current reporting figures from Delaware County schools.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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