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As the air crisps and cools, Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) enters a season of growth and achievement. From groundbreaking research to creative endeavors, OWU’s campus is buzzing with activity.

The following were stories covered in this month’s edition of Connect2 OWU, the university’s monthly newsletter. To read any of these posts, visit the Connect2 OWU website here.

Underground Waterways and Shifting Landscapes

Assistant Professor Katsutoshi ‘Toshi’ Mizuta, along with his diligent students, have unveiled new insights into OWU’s iconic underground waterway, the Sulphur Spring. Their research reveals that the site has undergone significant shifts over time, shedding light on the dynamic nature of our environment.

Artistry in Motion: The Dandelion Seeds Project

Sarah Hahn ’08, an OWU alumnus and current artist-in-residence, is in the process of creating an awe-inspiring sculpture. This installation will feature three bronze-and-stainless-steel dandelion seeds scattered across the campus, complemented by a pollinator garden. It’s a testament to OWU’s commitment to blending art with nature.

Theatrical Innovation: Siglo Latinx

Professor Glenda Nieto-Cuebas is making waves in the world of Spanish theater. With a grant from the Canadian government, she is collaborating to define a new line of research in this field, merging theoretical and practical aspects to pave new roads in Spanish theater studies.

Weaving Technology and Art: A Generative Approach

Elsa Hoam ’27 is at the forefront of blending technology with art. Utilizing a digitally controlled Jacquard loom, she’s part of a generative art course, a collaborative effort between professors Craig Jackson and Jeff Nilan. This course represents the fusion of technology and creativity at OWU.

International Recognition: Hispanic Women Filmmakers

Dani Phillip ’25 and Pedro Figueiredo ’26 represent OWU at the International Conference of Hispanic Women Filmmakers. Their participation underscores OWU’s commitment to diversity and global perspectives in the arts.

The Art of Language: A Global Journey

Hailey MacGregor ’24 exemplifies the spirit of a global citizen. Her summer internship at Spain’s Museum of Navarra has inspired her to pursue linguistic and cultural explorations, embodying the university’s encouragement of global learning and understanding.

Entrepreneurial Spirits Shine in Pitch OWU 2023

Ava Hurd ’24 clinches a $1,000 prize in the 2nd annual Pitch OWU competition, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit fostered at OWU. This event highlights the innovative ideas and business acumen of OWU’s students.

Fostering Community: Greeks That Give

Jamison Ellis ’24, president of Delta Tau Delta, leads a heartwarming children’s book giveaway in downtown Delaware, with books donated by Professor emerita Amy McClure ’72. This event exemplifies OWU’s dedication to community engagement and service.

STEM Opportunities Blossom with New Grant

OWU secures its third, and largest, Choose Ohio First grant, amounting to nearly $1.2 million. This grant will support Ohio students pursuing STEM majors, highlighting OWU’s commitment to advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

OWU’s Recognition for Graduate Success

Payscale’s 2023 College Salary Report features Ohio Wesleyan, recognizing the potential for early and mid-career salary success of its graduates. This accolade reflects the university’s commitment to preparing students for prosperous careers.

Source, Photo: OWU

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