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UPDATED on October 4 – For our readers’ information, his information was obtained from a social media post from Delaware County.

In a bid to forge ahead with the Big Walnut Sanitary Trunk Extension project, the City of Columbus has initiated a blasting project near the intersection of Smothers and Harlem roads in Delaware County’s southeast corner. The expansion endeavor, taking a step further this week, is bound to set the ground trembling albeit in a controlled manner. The blasting at Shaft 3, located at 5308 Smothers Road, is set to carve out an entrance for the Tunnel Boring Machine, a critical component in propelling the project forward.

Scheduled Resonances

The orchestrated blast is slated to occur between the quiet hours of 9 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., a time frame meticulously chosen to mitigate any undue inconvenience to the residents. The homes within a 1000-foot radius of Shaft 3 have been duly notified of the impending ground-shaking event. The meticulous planning underscores the city’s commitment to ensuring the safety and awareness of its residents amidst the pursuit of infrastructural advancement.

Communication Channels

Approximately an hour before the earthen reverberations, text notifications will be dispatched to the residents who have provided their contact details. Furthermore, as the clock ticks down to the event, warning signals will echo through the vicinity five minutes and one minute prior to the blast, ensuring everyone is apprised and at a safe distance. The communication strategy embodies a blend of modern technology and traditional alert systems, ensuring a wide reach of the precautionary message.

Traffic Management

In a bid to further cushion the residents from any unforeseen mishaps, traffic will come to a standstill one minute before the blast and will remain halted until the all-clear signal resonates through the area. The strategy is poised to maintain a safety cordon, ensuring that the roads are clear and safe for use post-blast. It’s a clear testament to the thorough planning that has gone into ensuring that the routine of the area is disrupted minimally, while safety remains paramount.

Blasting Cadence

With a rhythm of one blast scheduled every one to three days, the blasting project is expected to reverberate through the area until early December. However, the timeline may dance to a different tune should the contractor’s production rate dictate a change in schedule. The structured yet flexible schedule reflects a balance between adherence to project timelines and accommodation of any emergent factors that might necessitate a revision of the blasting cadence.

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