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In a move towards fostering additional development within the commercial hub of Powell, the Market at Liberty Crossing has submitted a variance request to the Powell Board of Zoning Appeals.

Scheduled for October 5, this sole agenda item at the Board’s next meeting showcases a step towards augmenting the local business landscape. The variance, documented as 2023-26V, is aimed at reducing the requisite street frontage from 160 feet by more than half, approximately 77 feet along Farmington Avenue. This modification is eyed to facilitate a lot split, paving the way for new prospects within the bustling shopping center.

Variance Details: Unveiling the Blueprint

Situated at 3952 West Powell Road within a Planned Commercial District (PC), the variance seeks to adjust the frontage dimensions to enable a lot split. The detailed proposal illustrates the splitting of a substantial 22.8-acre site, primarily occupied by the Market District, a gas station, parking lot, and an array of commercial enterprises and eateries. This variance, if approved, could unlock new potential for the vacant land lying to the west of the existing setup, further extending the commercial use akin to the existing framework.

The anticipated lot split, by retaining the approved site plan, aims to cultivate a seamless integration between the existing commercial enclave and potential new developments.

Staff Review

The staff’s preliminary review reflects a favorable stance towards this variance. Their recommendation is grounded on several key standards outlined in the city’s codified ordinance, encompassing aspects like reasonable return, neighborhood character, and governmental service delivery, amongst others. The comprehensive analysis suggests that the variance aligns well with the existing conditions, previous approvals, and the broader urban tapestry of Powell.

While the immediate proposal revolves around a technical variance, the broader narrative underscores Powell’s evolving commercial landscape.

The meeting will take place at 6:30 PM in the Village Green Municipal Building Council Chambers at 47 Hall Street.

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