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1808Delaware is certainly not the only news and information site serving Delaware County. One of our fellow media outlets has been recognized recently for its pacesetting role in informing a particular segment of the Delaware County community.

The Talisman, the student-run publication from Hayes High School in Delaware, has received recognition from School Newspapers Online (SNO).

In a significant achievement that underscores the quality and dedication of young journalists, it has been recognized as a SNO Distinguished Site. This accolade marks an important milestone in the school’s journalism program. “The Talisman” staff earned this esteemed status after demonstrating exceptional proficiency in various key areas of digital journalism.

Mastery Across Multiple Domains

The journey to becoming a SNO Distinguished Site is rigorous and requires earning digital badges in six critical areas: site excellence, story page design, writing, multimedia, coverage, and audience engagement. These badges represent the core components of a modern news website, as identified by SNO. This structured approach by SNO aims to set clear standards of excellence for online student news sites, promoting a high level of journalistic integrity and skill.

In the previous year, only 72 schools nationwide managed to secure all six badges and the honor of being named a SNO Distinguished Site. The achievement of “The Talisman” places Delaware Hayes High School among the elite in student journalism, showcasing their commitment to quality and excellence in this field.

The Talisman’s Impact and Presence

Beyond the walls of Delaware Hayes High School, “The Talisman” has also made its mark on the broader community. For over a year, links to stories from “The Talisman” have been featured on 1808Delaware, bringing local, relevant news to a wider audience. This not only amplifies the voices of young journalists but also bridges the gap between student perspectives and the broader community.

The Critical Role of Student Journalism

The recognition of “The Talisman” comes at a crucial time for student journalism in America. Many high schools across the nation are witnessing a decline in student newspapers and journalism programs, a trend that poses significant concerns. Student journalism offers a platform for young voices to narrate untold stories, challenge authority, and promote accountability. The diminishing presence of student news outlets means a loss of diverse perspectives and narratives crucial for a comprehensive understanding of societal issues.

Advocates for student journalism emphasize its vital role in honing writing skills, fostering critical thinking, and preparing students for active and informed citizenship. In an era rife with misinformation, student journalism stands as a bulwark, equipping young minds with the ability to discern fact from fiction and contribute to a more transparent and informed society.

Congratulations to The Talisman from 1808Delaware!

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