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The Big Walnut Local Schools District has officially approved new start and end times for the 2024-25 school year. These changes come in conjunction with a grade band shift, aiming to improve the efficiency of the district’s transportation system and better support after-school activities.

New Schedule Overview

The updated schedule aims to minimize the time students spend on buses while ensuring timely transportation to after-school events such as sports and band practices. The changes are detailed in the table below:

School2023-24 Start2023-24 EndDuration2024-25 Start2024-25 EndDuration
BWHS7:40 AM2:20 PM6:407:30 AM2:10 PM6:40
BWMS7:40 AM2:20 PM6:407:30 AM2:10 PM6:40
BWIS7:40 AM2:20 PM6:408:50 AM3:35 PM6:45
Elementary8:45 AM3:35 PM6:508:35 AM3:20 PM6:45
AM Kindergarten8:45 AM11:35 AM2:508:35 AM11:25 AM2:50
PM Kindergarten12:45 PM3:35 PM2:5012:30 PM3:20 PM2:50
AM ELC9:00 AM11:30 AM2:309:00 AM11:30 AM2:30
PM ELC12:45 PM3:15 PM2:3012:35 PM3:05 PM2:30

Reasons for the Change

Improved Bussing Efficiency

The new schedule allows Big Walnut to optimize its bussing routes. By staggering the start and end times across different schools, the district can bus more students efficiently, reducing the overall time students spend on the bus. This change is particularly beneficial in minimizing early mornings and late afternoons for young students.

Enhanced After-School Activity Logistics

With the adjusted times, after-school activities such as sports, band, and other extracurriculars will have more reliable and timely transportation to events. This ensures that students can participate fully in these important aspects of school life without transportation delays.

Impact on Students and Families

While adjusting to the new times may require some initial adaptation, the district is committed to supporting families through the transition. Resources and communications will be provided to help families plan for the upcoming school year, ensuring a smooth shift to the new schedule.

Big Walnut Local Schools will be sharing additional information and resources with parents and guardians over the coming months. This includes detailed bussing schedules, tips for adjusting to the new times, and points of contact for any questions or concerns.

Stay Informed

For the latest updates and information, please visit the Big Walnut Local Schools website and follow their social media channels. The district will continue to provide timely updates and support to ensure everyone is prepared for the new school year.

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