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The City Council of Sunbury is gearing up for a full meeting scheduled for tonight at 7:30 PM in the Town Hall Council Chambers. This session is set to focus on critical environmental and infrastructure developments aimed at enhancing the city’s sustainability and quality of life.

A series of resolutions underscore Sunbury’s commitment to environmental stewardship and infrastructure improvement:

  • Resolution No. 2024.02 marks a significant step towards water pollution control with plans to establish an Eastside Pump Station. This initiative demonstrates Sunbury’s proactive approach to managing its water resources efficiently.
  • Resolution No. 2024.03 & 2024.04 are twin pillars in Sunbury’s strategy to bolster its water infrastructure. The former addresses the development of the Little Walnut Creek Interceptor, while the latter focuses on expanding the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Both resolutions highlight a sustainable approach to water management and pollution control.
  • Resolution No. 2024.05 embraces the Sunbury Parkway Master Plan, laying the foundation for the city’s future growth. This plan, crafted by MS Consultants, articulates a vision for the Parkway’s development, aligning with Sunbury’s goals for a balanced and sustainable urban environment.

The agenda also includes Ordinance No. 2024.10, aimed at rectifying financial variances from previous records, showcasing Sunbury’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Additionally, the Council will review amendments to the 2024 annual appropriations, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and strategic allocation of resources.

Unveiled during the meeting will be discussions on new ventures such as the BWI Trail Task Order and a partnership with Deep Fiber Strategies for fiber consulting services. These initiatives reflect Sunbury’s ambition to enhance its technological infrastructure and recreational offerings, further solidifying its position as a forward-thinking community.

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