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Public Comment Sought On Metro Transportation Plan That Includes Delaware County

11 Jun , 2019  

Where should roads of the future be located? In what locations in the area are improvements needed to streets, roads, or intersections?

You can provide input on these and other related questions as regional planners set forth goals for the next thirty years of area transportation. The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning (MORPC) has available for review and comment candidate projects being considered for inclusion in the 2020-2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

The 2020-2050 MTP is for the MORPC transportation planning area, including Delaware and Franklin counties, Bloom and Violet townships in Fairfield County, New Albany, Pataskala and Etna Township in Licking County and Jerome Township in Union County.

The MTP will include roadway, pedestrian, bikeway, and public transit facilities including improvements identified by the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) and Delaware Area Transit Agency (DATA Bus).  Federal funding may be sought in the future for projects included in the MTP. The MTP will consider effects upon low-income and minority residents and will include an air quality conformity analysis.  The plan is for horizon year 2050.

An interactive map has been developed to gather public input on the proposed projects.  It can be accessed at  This tool allows the public to submit or follow comments on transportation projects already being considered. They can also identify locations with safety, congestion, or connectivity issues, and suggest their own ideas and projects either by drawing on the map or sending an email. The types of projects include:

  • New roadway or widening of a roadway
  • Intersection improvement
  • New or modified freeway interchange
  • Other roadway operations improvements such as signal coordination, lane management, or access management
  • Multi-use trail
  • On-street bicycle facility
  • New sidewalk
  • New or improved transit service, such as bus or rail project

“This is an opportunity for anyone who travels in Central Ohio to provide specific, location-based input on the future of the transportation network. The web map allows users to zoom in, review details of potential transportation projects, leave a comment, and suggest a new project all on the same screen.”

MORPC Transportation Planning Manager Maria Schaper

A description and image of the types of projects can be found at or a copy of the map can be requested by calling 614.233.4157.

Comments can be submitted on the interactive map by email to or in writing to MORPC, 111 Liberty Street, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43215, Attn: Thea Walsh, by 5 p.m., Friday, August 30, 2019.

Source: MORPC


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