OWU Adds Job Experts in Academic Areas

8 Sep , 2021  

By Cole Hatcher

Ohio Wesleyan University’s Career Connection center is expanding its “Career Communities” to include dedicated job experts this fall in seven academic areas.

The experts – known as “career catalysts” – work with students in the career communities of economics and business; education and communication; entrepreneurship; humanities and fine arts; pre-health; social impact (such as pre-law, psychology, and international studies); and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Targeted Assistance

“Within these career communities, students can engage with their specialized career catalyst, receive targeted job opportunities, participate in industry-specific events with alumni and employers, and have access to a wealth of career-specific resources,” said Leigh Mascolino, director of career development. More…

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Ohio Wesleyan University

Making The Connection To The World Of Work

15 Feb , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

The “Make the Connection” series shared by Ohio Wesleyan University is a compendium of stories about the world of internships for OWU students.

These students find experience through the internship process in a number of fields related to coursework. Each provides a bit of “real world” experience that can reinforce or alter career paths.

Some are close to home; others take OWU students overseas. More…