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Grant Fuels Lifelong Learning Institute

20 Sep , 2019  

In July, SourcePoint awarded a $10,000 grant to the Lifelong Learning Institute of Ohio Wesleyan University. The funds helped support the institute’s start-up costs, including the hiring of a part-time director, promotion, printing of course materials, and fall term evaluation.

The Lifelong Learning Institute is modeled after similar programs at campuses across the country. Volunteers teach courses in a relaxed, peer-centered environment. Topics are designed to appeal to those ages 55 and older. More…

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Spend Your Whole Lifetime Learning

12 Jul , 2019  

Online registration begins July 15 and runs through September 4 for the inaugural session of the Lifelong Learning Institute at Ohio Wesleyan University. Telephone and mail-in registration begin July 22. More…

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