Strike Up The Music: Delaware Brass Bands Of The Nineteenth Century

24 Aug , 2021  

By 1808Delaware

Looking back at the annals of history, we can be certain of one thing.

The national passion for brass band music in the nineteenth century was felt here in Delaware County as well. As early as the 1850s, in fact, Delaware was home to a musical ensemble composed solely of brass instruments.

In a piece entitled “The American Brass Band Movement” on the website of the Library of Congress, it shares, “The early 1850s saw the brief flowering of a brilliant style of brass band music that constitutes an important but insufficiently explored part of our musical past.1 The cornets and saxhorns that made up the all-brass bands of the 1850s and remained a popular, though decreasingly prominent, feature of American wind bands through the nineteenth century were capable of producing, in the hands of good players, music of great charm and style.” More…

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Budding Composer Scores In Competition

4 Oct , 2020  

By Cole Hatcher

Noah Green recalls sitting in the living room, watching his sister paint, and becoming inspired by her art to create some of his own.

“Watching the pigments mix and swirl on the canvas was hypnotic,” said Green, a senior music composition major at Ohio Wesleyan University, “and it made me think, ‘What if I try to mix sound in the same ways she mixes paint?’

“The result was this piece, which I titled ‘Watercolors,’ ” said Green, a resident of Granville, Ohio. “It takes two main melodic lines, fragments them, and then combines them in different ways – sort of like how an artist might take two different pigments and combine them to make hundreds of different colors.” More…

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Life in Delaware County

When The Saints Go Marching In… Delaware

3 Nov , 2019  

The Columbus Saints have expanded their winter schedule adding numerous community performances for the end of 2019. With the goal of better supporting local events, providing exciting entertainment while promoting and sustaining our programs we’re asking the local community to perform with us for these events.

Next week, they’ll be in Delaware, parade-style. More…


Life in Delaware County

Do The Dulcimer

2 Mar , 2019  

It’s not every day that central Ohioans have the opportunity to listen to the sounds of zithers and other multiple stringed instruments.

One such occasion comes this week in the form of the 28th Annual Buckeye Dulcimer Festival. From March 6 through March 10, Recreation Unlimited at 7700 Piper Road in Ashley will host this unique opportunity for acoustic instrument players to learn, listen, and play together. More…

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Life in Delaware County

Toot Your Horn For Fun!

3 Feb , 2019  

Here’s a chance to dig out that trumpet or flute from your closet and have some fun.

Join the Delaware Community Concert Band, a multi-generational group which includes students, working adults, and retirees who share the love of playing a band instrument.  Members inspire and teach each other and share a love of band music with others in the community through concert events. More…