Life in Delaware County

Delaware County Probation Monitoring Gets Tech Upgrade

5 Oct , 2021  

Minneapolis-based Precision Kiosk Technologies has announced that Delaware County has become the first county in Ohio to use the AB Kiosk® system to conduct court-mandated client monitoring programs.

The Delaware County Probation Department had been conducting breathalyzer tests using hand-held devices – a process that requires face-to-face interaction between staff and clients and elevates the risk of COVID transmission. The AB Kiosk solves this problem by automating the entire alcohol-monitoring process, including daily test coordination and breathalyzer administration. This frees up staff for higher-value work and reduces administrative costs.

The Delaware County Probation Department has installed its AB Kiosk in the lobby of the Delaware County Courthouse at 70 North Union Street. Placing the Kiosk before building security reduces access to court buildings, protecting staff from potential COVID exposure. More…

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