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The City of Delaware’s Electric Aggregation program, which offers residents substantial savings on their electricity bills, kicked off in June 2023. The program has already made a notable impact on the community’s approach to energy consumption and its environmental footprint.

A Year of Impressive Savings

Since its inception, the City of Delaware’s Electric Aggregation program has emphasized financial and environmental stewardship. The latest reports shared by the City at the end of February indicate a remarkable 35% savings on electricity generation supply for participants during the second half of 2023. This figure translates into an average saving of approximately $210 per participant, compared to the default generation rates of AEP Ohio or Ohio Edison.

Residents can view the latest quarterly report here.

Energy Alliances, the city’s chosen energy aggregation broker, has meticulously compiled these savings in their quarterly reports, available for public viewing. The program’s success is further underscored by the substantial sum of over $2.1 million that has remained within the local economy, benefiting over 10,200 households and businesses that are part of the aggregation program.

How It Works: The Benefits of Municipal Aggregation

Municipal aggregation, also known as community choice aggregation, is a strategic approach to energy procurement. By purchasing electricity in bulk on behalf of residents and businesses, a city can negotiate more favorable rates than individuals might obtain on their own. This model not only fosters cost savings and price stability but also opens the door to a greener energy mix that can include more renewable sources.

The aggregation program operates on an opt-out basis, where AEP or Ohio Edison customers are automatically enrolled but have the freedom to leave the program at any time. This flexibility ensures that all community members can make informed choices about their energy consumption and sourcing preferences.

Participating in the Program

For residents interested in joining the Electric Aggregation program or learning more about their options, the process is straightforward. Contacting Energy Alliances directly at 513-794-5555 allows individuals to opt in or out of the program as they see fit, ensuring that the enrollment process is transparent and accessible to all.

This initiative not only illustrates the City of Delaware’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions but also emphasizes the power of collective action in achieving meaningful cost savings and environmental benefits. As the program continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to what can be achieved when communities come together in pursuit of common goals.

The City of Delaware’s Electric Aggregation program is an example of how municipal aggregation can serve as a tool for communities to control their energy destiny. By leveraging the collective bargaining power of the community, Delaware has not only achieved significant financial savings for its residents but also made strides towards a more sustainable and renewable energy portfolio.

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