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Delaware City Schools is charting the course for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year with a carefully crafted school calendar proposal. A diverse committee of educators and administrators has dedicated their efforts to mold a schedule that promises to enhance the educational experience for students across all grade levels.

The creation of the school calendar is no small task and requires balancing numerous considerations to support student success. The committee, which includes teachers, classified staff, and administrators, has been diligent in their approach. Their goal has been to construct a calendar that aligns with the required instructional hours, optimizes learning ahead of state assessments, and accommodates a full spring break.

The proposed calendar is not just a matter of dates; it’s a strategic plan to bolster educational outcomes. The committee’s efforts to maximize instructional days before state testing are pivotal in giving students a running start. They’ve also synchronized the calendar with neighboring districts and the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC), factoring in shared transportation logistics that can impact daily operations.

Transparency and community input are pillars of the Delaware City Schools’ decision-making process. As the Board of Education gears up for the final adoption of the calendar in their December meeting, they invite public input. Stakeholders are encouraged to view the proposed calendar and contribute their thoughts via email at, ensuring a calendar that reflects the community’s educational values.

With the proposed calendar, Delaware City Schools continues its commitment to providing an educational environment that nurtures and prepares students for the challenges ahead. The Board of Education’s December meeting will consider the voices of the community and the insights of the planning committee converge to finalize a calendar that best serves the student body.

View the Proposed Calendar here

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