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As the holiday season approaches, the spirit of giving is alive and well in Delaware County. Since its humble inception in 1954 as the “Christmas Clearing House,” this event has grown into a monumental community effort, culminating in this year’s largest Holiday Clearing House (HCH) to date. The initiative, which is now a beacon of hope for many, is set to support an impressive 638 households, including seniors and homebound individuals, as well as lighting up the festive season for 1,230 children.

The transformation of HCH from a modest initiative to a county hallmark began when People In Need took the reins in 1981. The Delaware County Fairgrounds Coliseum building is set to become a hub of activity and generosity in early December, as the community comes together to support their neighbors.

The event kicks off with the City/County Food Drive, witnessing a wave of support from local businesses, organizations, schools, and more. These groups tirelessly gather food throughout November, ensuring a bountiful delivery to the Coliseum. Here, PIN volunteers diligently sort and pack meals, while meticulously inspecting each item to ensure nothing is damaged or expired.

As the weeks progress, the donations expand beyond food. Coats and toys join the ranks, each undergoing the same rigorous quality control process. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every family receives goods that bring joy, warmth, and sustenance during the holiday season.

Volunteering has never been more crucial or more accessible. Through a partnership with Connections, community members can easily sign up to donate their time and efforts. Whether by volunteering, organizing drives, or making financial contributions, every action taken by the community members helps to weave a safety net of support for their neighbors.

For those moved to be a part of this heartwarming tradition, opportunities to volunteer are available from November 28 through December 10. To join the ranks of those making a difference, please click here and sign up to ensure a worry-free holiday season for the families in need.

Source: People in Need; Photo: DALL-E 3

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