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The City of Sunbury Council Meeting convened on May 15 to consider a robust agenda. This is a rundown of topics discussed, matters reviewed, and decisions made.


  • National Police Week: The city proclaimed May 12-18 as National Police Week in Sunbury. This aligns with the federal designation of May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962.
  • National Public Works Week: The city proclaimed May 19-25 as National Public Works Week, honoring the contributions of public works professionals.

Department Updates

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant: Acknowledgment of the plant supervisor and Jacob Stockmaster, the supervisor of the streets and services department.
  • Safety Events: Reports included a car seat installation event and a safety program that installed 88 alarms in 21 households.

Financial Report

The city invested $10,000 in a subpoena activity related to non-filing of RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) taxes, netting $223,000. Plans are in place to continue this program to ensure compliance and maximize collections.

Ordinances and Policies

  • Ordinance No. 2024.12: The first reading of an ordinance authorizing the expansion of the City’s Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) No. 041 5861 8-1. This expansion aims to encourage investments and foster economic development in designated areas. The council discussed the ordinance’s potential impact on local businesses and residents, emphasizing the benefits of increased property values and infrastructure improvements.
  • Ordinance No. 2024.13: The first reading of an ordinance determining the petition for the creation of the Sunbury East New Community Authority complies with Ohio Revised Code Section 349.03. This ordinance fixes the time and place for a hearing on the establishment of the Sunbury East New Community Authority and declares an emergency. This authority will finance public infrastructure improvements through developer contributions and public financing. The council highlighted the need for this mechanism to support large-scale projects and ensure sustainable development.
  • Social Media Policy: The council discussed updates to the city’s social media policy. This policy now includes platforms like Instagram and TikTok, aiming to enhance communication with residents. The final vote on this policy is scheduled for June 18. The council emphasized the importance of adapting to new media to better engage with the community.
  • Future Meetings: The council proposed rescheduling the June council meeting from June 19 to June 18, along with committee meetings on the same evening. This motion was approved unanimously, ensuring that all members could attend and participate fully.

Community Engagement and Development

  • Veterans Plaza and Memorial Park: Updates on developments at Veterans Plaza and Sunbury Memorial Park indicated significant progress. Plans for a series of summer activities were announced, aiming to enhance community involvement and celebrate local heritage.
  • Hitachi and Local Businesses: The mayor shared positive updates on local businesses, particularly ongoing projects and future expansions with Hitachi. These developments are expected to drive economic growth and create job opportunities, contributing to the community’s prosperity.

The meeting concluded with discussions on various administrative matters, including detailed reviews of the zoning code provisions and upcoming public hearings for new ordinances. The next council meeting is anticipated to address these topics in greater detail, ensuring continued transparency and community involvement.

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