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Planet Oasis Dispute Now In Court

11 Nov , 2018  

The public disagreement between parties associated with the announced entertainment development in Delaware County initially given the name “Planet Oasis” is now a legal one.

Media sources reported this weekend that the Planet Oasis dispute has now made its way to the courtroom. In specific, one set of parties has brought an action against another in a suit filed in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.

Plaintiffs include Blue Horseshoe Ventures, Ltd. and father and son Tony and Alex Sekulovski; Defendants include David Glimcher and others.

In the Complaint, Plaintiffs first provide a narrative of developments which led to the suit, including the fact that real estate purchase contracts to build the “entertainment district” were executed from May to August 2018. The narrative also refers to letters of intent, professional service agreements, and to the nature of previous connections between the parties.

In claiming that financing and prospective tenants will not be realized if Glimcher is involved, Plaintiffs’ claims include, among others, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, and tortious interference with contract. Plaintiffs are seeking damages, a declaration, and a judicial corporate dissolution.

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