Make A Circle Around The Square

21 Jan , 2021  

The Big Walnut Area Historical Society has a virtual treat for its winter program.

The Society invites you to a virtual Walk Around Sunbury Square with Polly Horn. Horn conducts the tour which also does for Big Walnut Schools 3rd graders.

In 1975, as Children’s Director of Community Library, Horn, carrying an arm load of Sunbury photos – many from The Sunbury News — began walking 3rd graders from Harrison Street School around the square. Stopping at the different buildings, she told stories to the students of the building’s history through the years.

It wasn’t long before Souders children scheduled a walk. As Big Walnut schools grew and the truck noise increased, a new format had to be found to give the children the info they needed to add to their community studies. With the opening of the Myers Inn Museum, the program became a powerpoint Horn put on in the classroom before the children visited the museum.

This year the classrooms will be using this YouTube presentation. “It won’t be the same as talking with the children in person but I hope they will learn some love for this community,” noted Horn.

Where is the one room home of a founder of the town.? Where was the first R.F.D. in the United States? What is the oldest building facing the east side of the Sunbury Square? Where are there log cabins around the square?

If you were in the 3rd grade in a Big Walnut School in the last 55 years, you may remember your walk around the square. Do you remember the stories about the individual buildings? Refresh your memories. The tour can be accessed here.

Source: Big Walnut Area Historical Society

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