Liberty Township

Liberty Township Setting Out To Plan For The Future; Seeking Resident Reps

9 Dec , 2021  

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Liberty Township is working with consultant Holly Mattei of Crossroads Community Planning in developing “Liberty 2040”, which will include a series of goals, objectives, recommendations and actions steps that will help guide land use, housing, infrastructure, and policy decisions over the next few decades.

 There will be a broad, 12-month public participation plan that will kick off in January 2022. This includes a Community Committee comprised of residents, business owners, schools and representatives from other key community organizations. More…

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Delaware County

Sheriff’s Office Introduces Community Engagement Volunteer Process

18 Apr , 2021  

On behalf of Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin, the Sheriff’s Office has introduced a new initiative aimed at deeper citizen involvement in local law enforcement operations.

The Community Engagement Volunteer Process will consist of resident volunteers who will contribute ideas, perspectives, and feedback to the Sheriff’s Office. The purpose is to learn about expectations from our community, strengthen partnerships with our residents, and continually improve as a law enforcement agency. As public servants, we understand that our community collectively sets the expectations of local law enforcement, governs our actions, and ultimately holds us accountable.

The Office is trying to get the word out to as many Delaware County residents as possible, and asks that you share the attached flier among your circles of influence at your convenience. More…


Life in Delaware County

Learn How To Prune Your Brambles

5 Mar , 2019  

Have fruit trees? One fact about managing those plants is that they should be pruned each and every year. And, if you are unaware of how that should be accomplished, you’re in luck.

The Stratford Ecological Center is holding a Fruit Tree & Bramble Pruning Class from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM on March 30. More…

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