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The City of Delaware Planning Commission will convene on Wednesday evening to review a variety of development requests.

The meeting, scheduled to take place in the Council Chambers at 1 South Sandusky Street, will kick off at 6:30 PM, encompassing several ambitious projects slated for various locales around the city. The live-streamed meeting is poised to provide an avenue for the public and the commission to engage in a constructive discussion over the proposed developments, marking a step toward the future growth of Delaware.

Donovan Farms Development

Maronda Homes LLC., will set forth a trilogy of requests regarding the Donovan Farms project, encompassing around 114.11 acres nestled between future Boulder Drive, South Section Line Road, and South Houk Road. The requests will entail:

  1. Rezoning Amendment (2023-3399): Transitioning from A-1 (Agricultural District) and M-1 PUD (Light Manufacturing District with a Planned Unit Development Overlay District) to R-4 PMU (Medium Density Residential District with a Planned Mixed Use Overlay District).
  2. Conditional Use Permit (2023-3400): Enabling the establishment of PMU (Planned Mixed Use Overlay District) for Donovan Farms.
  3. Preliminary Development Plan (2023-3401): Laying out the initial blueprint for Donovan Farms’ development.

The process will include staff and applicant presentations, public comment sessions, and ultimately, commission action.

Venturing into Vernon Avenue

Vernon Ventures LLC., will submit a request (2023-3471) for reviewing a Concept Plan concerning the Vernon Avenue Site Plan on a parcel measuring approximately 16.858 acres at 240 Vernon Avenue. The meeting sequence for this item will include staff and applicant presentations, followed by public comments (though not a public hearing), and commission action.

Fincon To Present Concept Plan

Fincon Epic Ventures Limited will present a concept plan (2023-3472) for a site plan on about 46.648 acres located at 3134 Marysville Road. The South Section Line and Marysville Road plan will undergo a similar process of presentations, public comments, and commission action.

Propelling Operations Ahead

Plank Law Firm LPA., on behalf of Rumpke of Ohio Inc., will seek approval (2023-3473) for a Conditional Use Permit for above ground fuel tanks on a property zoned M-2 (General Manufacturing District) on roughly 4.74 acres at 487 London Road. The item will undergo a process involving presentations, a public hearing, and commission action.

Sandbar Station

AIC of Ohio LLC., will propose (2023-3354) a Conditional Use Permit for hosting temporary events at Sandbar Station on a property zoned B-4 (General Business District) spanning about 1.066 acres at 59 Potter Street. The proposed plan will follow a similar procedural path, ending with the commission’s decision.

Fostering Foliage: A Verdant Vision

Lastly, the City of Delaware will seek approval for amendments to Chapter 1121 (Definitions) and Chapter 1168 (Tree Preservation Regulations) of the Planning and Zoning Code (2023-3553 and 2023-3554). The proposed amendments will underscore the city’s commitment to maintaining a green and vibrant environment amidst urban development.

The full Agenda Packet can be viewed here.

Source, Photo: City of Delaware

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