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As spring nears, the City of Delaware is embarking on a crucial maintenance activity that’s as much about ensuring public safety as it is about maintaining water quality. Through April 4 between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM, residents might notice city workers engaged in the annual ritual of water hydrant flushing. This essential maintenance work is not just a routine task; it’s a fundamental part of the city’s commitment to providing clean, safe water to its residents and ensuring the readiness of fire hydrants in emergencies.

Ensuring Water Quality and Reliability

Water hydrant flushing is a key component of maintaining the city’s water system’s health and efficacy. This process involves opening fire hydrants and allowing them to flow freely for a short period. While this might seem straightforward, the benefits are multifaceted. Firstly, it ensures that all components of the fire hydrant are functioning correctly, a critical factor for firefighting capabilities. Equally important, flushing helps remove any sediment or buildup from the water pipes, maintaining the overall quality of water that reaches residents’ taps.

What Residents Need to Know

During the flushing period, some residents may experience temporary water discoloration. This is a direct result of the flushing process, as sediments in the pipes get stirred up and may appear in the water supply. The City of Delaware advises residents to let their water run until it clears up if they notice any discoloration. This is typically a short-lived issue, but it underscores the importance of the flushing process in keeping the water system clean. For concerns or persistent issues, residents are encouraged to reach out to the Water Distribution Division or the Utility Office for assistance.

A Closer Look at Delaware’s Water Infrastructure

Delaware’s approach to water management is notable for its dual-source system. The city primarily relies on the Olentangy River for its water supply, supplemented by groundwater from deep wells. This strategic blend ensures a consistent and reliable water supply to over 12,000 customers. The city’s water plant, a marvel of modern engineering, treats and distributes an average of 3.65 million gallons of water daily, spanning a network of 190 miles of water lines and 2,000 fire hydrants.

The city’s dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond water supply. Delaware’s sewer division plays a pivotal role in managing domestic and industrial wastewater, ensuring it is treated and returned to the Olentangy River in a condition that safeguards both public health and the environment. The extensive system includes 175 miles of sewer line, 3,250 manholes, and 12 pump stations, illustrating the city’s comprehensive approach to water management.

How to Get Started with Water and Sewer Services

For residents moving to Delaware or those requiring new service, setting up water and sewer services is a straightforward process. A simple call to the city’s Utility Office at least 24 hours before the service start date will ensure everything is up and running when needed. This accessibility and ease of service is part of the city’s commitment to serving its residents efficiently and effectively.

In closing, the City of Delaware’s hydrant flushing program is a clear demonstration of its dedication to maintaining a high-quality water supply and robust public safety infrastructure. As the city continues to grow, these efforts underscore the importance of proactive maintenance and community engagement in sustaining the health and well-being of its residents.

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