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Westerville’s Public Service Department is spearheading an eco-friendly initiative to manage seasonal waste by providing designated receptacles for pumpkin disposal. This effort underscores the city’s commitment to sustainability and offers residents an opportunity to contribute positively to their community’s environmental health.

Embracing Sustainability with Pumpkin Composting

As the autumn season wraps up, residents of Westerville have a new green directive: compost your pumpkins responsibly. The city has strategically placed large composting receptacles at 350 Park Meadow Rd and 469 Westdale Ave, specifically for pumpkin disposal. This initiative, running through the end of the month, is a part of a larger push to reduce organic waste and promote composting practices within the community.

In an effort to maintain the purity of the compost, Westerville Public Service advises against including painted pumpkins. The city encourages residents to remove painted areas from gourds before composting. This small act plays a crucial role in ensuring that the resulting compost is safe and beneficial for the environment.

Why Pumpkins Don’t Belong with Yard Waste

Westerville’s yard waste undergoes a specific mulching process, handled by a third party, which requires a delicate balance of temperature and moisture among other factors. Squash and other fruits, if included, can upset this balance, leading to less than optimal mulching conditions. The city’s clear stance on this matter aligns with best practices in waste management and serves as a gentle reminder to residents about the importance of correct disposal.

Inquiries and Educational Resources

The Public Service Department remains available for any questions regarding this initiative. Residents can reach out at (614) 901-6740 or via email at Additionally, Westerville aligns with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio’s (SWACO) mission to ‘Save More Than Food’, offering resources and education on reducing food waste and increasing composting efforts.

Westerville’s proactive approach to pumpkin disposal is more than just about keeping the streets clean; it’s about fostering a culture of sustainability and awareness. By participating in the program, residents play an active role in the city’s environmental stewardship, ensuring that Westerville continues to thrive as a community conscious of its ecological footprint.

Source: City of Westerville

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