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Practice Makes Perfect: Come Try The County’s New Voting Machines

9 Apr , 2019  

This coming Primary Election, May 7, will see a new day for voting in Delaware County.

In specific, it will be the first time that some 1,000 new voting machines will be put to the test. Never fear if you have trepidation about using new technology, however; the Delaware County Board of Elections is holding an Open House this Friday, April 12 from 11 AM to 3 PM at its office located at 2079 US Route 23N to acquaint you with the new system.

There you can try your hand at the new machines. Note that this will be a simulated voting experience, not an actual vote.

The new machines come in part from some $114.5 million which the State of Ohio recently distributed to Ohio counties to update elections equipment. The new voting machines are touchscreen in nature, but produce a paper ballot which is then inserted into a second machine to cast a vote.

In part to help voters this May, the Board of Elections is seeking to fill dozens of poll worker positions. Workers are paid both for training and for work on election day. If interested, contact either of the following:

Amy Murphy                                   Ali M. Solove
740.833.2096                                   740.833.2085

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