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Genoa Township Launches Informational Site For Roads Levy

23 Aug , 2019  

Among the issues on the November 9 ballot in Delaware County, one would provide a 1.1 mill replacement and a 1.0 mill increase for roads in Genoa Township.

Stating that the intent was to provide information and not to endorse a position, Genoa Township Trustees have unveiled a website designed to do answer as many questions as possible.

The proposed scope of work over some 90 miles of township-responsible roads and the drainage from them involves numerous projects each year, including, according to the website, repaving, asphalt and concrete repairs, culvert and storm sewer maintenance, repair and upkeep of ADA ramps in the road right of way, removal of fallen trees and debris, roadside mowing, and snow removal.

Total proceeds over the levy’s five year term would be $2,270,770 annually, with the owner of a house with a value of $100,000 paying $6.125 per month.

Questions answered in “drop down” format on the site include what would happen to the Genoa Township Maintenance Department budget if the levy fails in November, the availability of other funds to use for maintenance, contact information for additional questions, and more.

The information page can be accessed here.


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