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Liberty Township is inviting residents to participate in two open houses at the Township Hall, located at 10104 Brewster Lane, to review the current draft of the Liberty Township 2040 Plan. These open houses will be held on July 23 and July 31, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Attendees will have the opportunity to review copies and exhibits of the draft plan and provide their comments.

Background on Liberty Township Growth

Liberty Township has seen significant growth since the mid-1990s, with a population increase of 22.8% since 2020, reaching an estimated 22,433 residents at the start of 2024. The surge in building permits, particularly for multi-family units, along with recent technology investments such as Intel, indicates continued growth in the area. The Liberty Township 2040 Plan aims to address and manage this growth effectively.

Key Components of the 2040 Plan

General Development
  • Buffering and Landscaping: New developments should be well-buffered and landscaped, especially when adjacent to different development types.
  • Interconnectivity: Developments should have limited and well-placed access to existing roads and should include multi-use paths and sidewalks for active transportation.
  • Gateway Improvements: Enhance gateways to the township.
  • Resident Communication: Improve communication with residents, particularly regarding development projects.
  • Open Space and Parks: Preserve and enhance open space while seeking new park opportunities, especially in the northwest.
  • Natural Resource Preservation: Focus on preserving natural resources, particularly in the Olentangy Valley.
Commercial Development Approach
  • Sawmill Parkway South and US 23 Area: Emphasize existing commercial areas for development.
  • Periphery of Columbus Zoo: Explore non-residential development opportunities.
  • Clarkshaw Crossing: Utilize existing commercial zoning for walkable commercial uses with commercial, office, and institutional uses.
Specific Area Recommendations
  1. Olentangy Valley:
    • Maintain low densities with 1-acre lots and Conservation Subdivisions at 1 unit per acre with 50% open space.
  2. West Highlands:
    • Transitional uses recommended along the railroad close to Home Road.
    • Planned Residential Developments at 1.25 units per net developable acre with sewer availability.
  3. Route 23 Corridor:
    • Emphasize the development of the Park at Greif.
    • Consider multi-family development in existing Planned Commercial areas.
  4. Sawmill South:
    • Encourage mixed-use redevelopment in limited undeveloped areas and underutilized sites.
  5. Scioto Central:
    • Focus on potential redevelopment of larger parcels, with Planned districts at 1.25 units per net developable acre.
  6. Liberty Grand Area:
    • Develop Planned Residential Districts at 1.85 units per net developable acre and Planned Multi-Family Districts at 4 units per acre in 4-unit buildings.
  7. North West Estates:
    • Existing 1-acre zoning or Planned Residential Districts at 1.25 units per net developable acre.
    • Increased density near Sawmill Parkway for age-targeted housing for seniors.
    • Clean light industrial uses permitted near the railroad between Ford and Bean-O.

Engage and Participate

Residents are encouraged to attend these open houses to engage with the future planning of Liberty Township. Your feedback is vital in shaping a plan that supports balanced growth, preserves the township’s character, and meets the community’s needs.

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